If the devil is in the details, then
meet the devil - Rich Peck of PeckBuilt, Inc.

March 2012: Long Island, New York — Recently back from months renovating a private estate in Maryland - Peck's time was spent working as a master craftsman designing, installing and creating from this blank canvas a beautiful one-of-a kind private home.

Known beyond his native Long Island for his high-quality work, referrals are his primary source of new business. That's how the work out-of-state came about.

"Someone may see my work in a friend or family-member's home, and hire me from there - and though they may choose a similar project, each home finishes differently," Rich says.

Whether the project at hand is long-term, large-scale or a dream kitchen, Peck has proven his commitment to excellence and the clients time and time again. Experienced in managing construction while the homeowners remain on-site; it's been said Peck "has a talent and a knack" for keeping the work flow progressing; solving the unexpected and "keeping in mind that a household still has to run."

An expert in crown moulding, wainscoting and finish trim - custom millwork is the cornerstone of Peck's business, which he began alongside his wife Debbie in 1982. Together they've built PeckBuilt into a much sought after contractor that re-imagines any room in the home or commercial property - and in 2012 they celebrate their 30th anniversary in business.

Experienced working with architects, realtors and interior designers, Rich and Debbie create a home that is sell-able, photo and display ready. Whether it be an open house, a home tour event or a photo shoot PeckBuilt will meet your deadline and exceed your expectations. Historical reproductions, restorations and finishing touches are a strength of the Pecks - with a gallery of samples online @ www.peckbuilt.com - the casual and serious viewer will be inspired by the work they have done.

For more information, a quote or consultation - call PeckBuilt @ 516.425.3810.

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